Monday, April 09, 2007

Becoming Show #64

Becoming Show #64
by Robert G Parent

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Podsafe Music Network

Guardian Mind Mix playing "Native river tribes", "down under sound trac"

Joseph FireCrow playing "MorningStar Rise"

Joe Mejer Playing "Transcendance of the Ancient ones"

News stories and information

Two Large Lakes Discovered Under Antarctic Ice

Cold war erupts over lake under Antarctica's ice

Spacecraft Snaps New Views of Saturn

Mercury in eco-friendly lightbulbs raises fears

Nanoparticles, In The Search For Hydrogen Production Catalysts

Ethanol makers dispute Parliamentary report on biofuels spending

New Atlas Details More Than 3.5 Trillion Tons of Possible CO2 Storage Capacity in US and Canada

Nuclear terror risks result in return of lab,1406,KNS_347_5454884,00.html

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JJ Dewey

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My poems in today's show: "Springtime is coming"

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