Sunday, January 30, 2005

Would it be better if we didn't have any religion as John Lennon said in his song "Imagine"? What is the purpose of religion now? Why can't we come together and see the spiritual nature of of ourselves from a scientific, discovery perspective? The unseeness of the spiritual state has made us polarized and stuck in a place that we can't grow upon. If we are to come together as one people, we need to have a discussion of this spiritualness that we can be build upon. Please leave comments so we (as human) can become together and grow into a future we all can be proud.


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Ha1o said...

People get this confused all the time.

There is religion and then there is faith.
They are not the same thing.

Religion centers around rituals and man thus it ultimately only worships man.

Faith centers around a relationship with God thus honors and worships God.

I'll tell you what I believe and I'll let you label me. Call me Christian, Catholic, Protestant, Baptist, whatever. My God does not label me as man does so I will not label myself.