Sunday, February 28, 2010

Facts about our Climate

Facts about our Climate ( Global Warming )
by Robert G Parent

These facts are from a documentary that I saw on the internet. Look up the information yourself.

First: From 1940 to 1975 temperatures were getting cooler. The significant idea that I want to get across is that this was the industrial revolution, where more carbon dioxide was in the air. According to Al Gore's media, this time wouldn't be cooler but warmer.

Second: The Earth has had ice ages and periods of global warming through out history; like the mini-ice age of the 14th century, the mid evil warming period, and the Halocene maximum of the deep past.

Third: The Carbon Dioxide count actual lags behind higher temperatures, so temperature is controlling carbon dioxide. But what controls temperature rise? The Sun and specifically sun spot activity. In the little ice age of the 14th century, there was very little sunspot activity. Also, carbon dioxide lags behind temperature rise because it takes a long time for the oceans to release Carbon dioxide.

The news from around 1974 talked about the coming ice age and how catastrophic it would be. Now the news is talking about how catastrophic global warming would be. I'll leave it up to you to decide why the news media has changed their stories. Also, the environmental reporters tell us of the great poverty that global warming will bring, but in the mid evil warming period was a time of great wealth. Again, we have reporters focusing on fear, Why do you think they keep reporting and focusing on the fear? I think we are in a time where the news media have their own agenda. Where they are willing to twist stories and instead of just reporting the facts, they report opinion and call it the facts. This can be very dangerous for our freedom here in the United States and of the world as a whole. What we the people need to do now in this time of great tribulation is to check and double check all the facts reported. We have to step up and be the voices of reason in this time where we can either fall back to the dark ages or go forward to the age of enlightenment. How we decide is where we will go.

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