Friday, September 25, 2009

2012 what if nothing happens

2012 what if nothing happens
by Robert G Parent

There has been and continues to be more talk about 2012 and the end of the world, but what if the world does not end? Where will these people go or do? I think they will find something else to fear. 90 percent of the 2012 prophesies deal with fear and people are looking at things that could happen, but if the things that they said would happen there is nothing we could do, so why do we fear the night ( things we cannot see )? Maybe after 2012, we will be not as fearful about what we cannot see. Maybe we will finally embrace the unknown and not let our fears get in the way.

Maybe 2012 only marks one sign post in our journey of growing up as a species and becoming true children of the universe, of the God. I give this proof as that statement. Let us take our everyday lives. We have a point where we reach early childhood. We have a point where we are between childhood and adulthood. We reach a point where we become young adults, matured adults, and when we become elders. Why can't our race exist on that scedule, just on a bigger timeline.

It is easy to give into the fears, to give into our lower natures, and our emotions. Heck in the last 12 years of the Unitied States political elections prove how emotional people can get and how polititians use our emotions to get what they want. Maybe 2012 will be the sign post where we all grow up in our humanity and not be ruled by our fears, lower natures, or our emotions. Maybe we all will learn to use our whole mind and our intuition. I think its time we cast off our old bodies of our emotions and our lower natures.

This post is just another way of looking at the possibilities of 2012.

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Is 2012 Real? said...

You know, it would be wonderful if there was nothing to fear ... including December 21, 2012. Yet, there is far more to the story surrounding 2012 than is easily found. Why is it that they all want us to live in fear?