Monday, July 13, 2009

Disciple's Power

This question is from JJ Dewey in his class at the Yahoo Group Keysters post titled 12 keys of discipleship Key 11

How does the disciple use his power of initiation to do this?

Disciple's Power by Robert G Parent

A disciple uses his power of initiation to initiate by being in tuned to what the big picture is. Seeing what is lacking, then pondering or seeing what is needed. He then knows what he could do, by pondering on his skills, his dreams, his inspiration, his direction in this life, his purpose and fills the need. Invention is one percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration. That 1% comes from an alignment with his souls purpose, his lessons, his direction, his path, his skills. He realizes where his path took him. He sees all the decisions of the past which lead him to this point of realization and this realization becomes a point of tension that divine inspiration, that energy that propels him to his future as he tries to initiate the need that he sees from the whole. The creation of the Internet is an aquarian initiation. So is the initiation of any new thought, any new way of doing something.

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