Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Debate Republicans 2008 NH part 2

Debate Republicans 2008 NH part 2

Townhall style
questions from the audience.

When will the troops come home?

Sen. Brownback will be putting a bill in congress creating three states in the country. Senitor McCain feels if we fail it will be a center of terriorism.

8:19 pm

I missed the question but it is also about the War in Iraq.
Mayor Guliani says terriorism started back in the 70s and that we need to help the Iraqies have an orderly society. He also said if things are doing well in Iraq will that be reported as fearlessly as the negitive news.

8:22 pm

missed question again. sorry.
"do you believe true conservatives are changing the world through conservative principles." something along the lines.

8:25 pm

Prescription drug prices

major tax deduction to but our own health insurence mayor Guliani. We need a free market. Freemarket princeples will keep cost down, socialised mediticine will cost more in the long run.

let us cross state lines to buy polices, not sure who said this.

8:29 pm

health care

Tommy Thompson had a good speech there.

Mit Romney is talking about his solution in his state -- private health insurance.

8:32 pm

what is the press moral issue this country faces?

sactntiy of every human life

that no one is treated as expendible, from children to nursing homes
unlike the terrorist who strap bombs to themselves.

have accepted the principle premptive war

8:39 pm

accusing Mit Romney of flip flopping on the issue of immigration.

8:41 pm

ask Tom Tancredo the same immigration questions.

sen. McCain responds

8:45 pm

How their positions differ from the current administration?

Spending, McCain says

establish accountability ,mayor Guliani

vision, Gov. Mit Romney

spending, Sen. Brownback

we became like dimocrates, sen. Tommy Thompson

do more here ,Ron Paul

spending and taxes ,Gilmore

republican party reionite with people,

lack of communication,

8:49 pm

What does it mean to be an american?

process of assimilation has not happen,

the debate for immigration continues

Guliani has taken the lead on this topic talked about freedom

McCain have common goals

8:45 pm

moderates and indepentants coming back to the Republican party

Mit Romney goes back to what Regan says
strong military, flurishing ecomomy, and

Its 9 pm and the debates is over. This was difficult. I will be pondering how I can do this better because I would like to give this another try. If you have any commets on how I could do this better leave a comment in the comment section, email me at BobatWtwsonlineDotcom or call the comment line at 6035132411.

My fingers did get exercise tonight.

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