Monday, January 08, 2007

After Freedom Writers Weekend

After Freedom Writers Weekend
by Robert G Parent

Click here to listen to the show This is 14 minutes.

Hey everyone, I recorded this on Sunday the 7 of January 2007. I had not slept yet. I had all these thoughts going through my head and before I could get to sleep, I had to record this post. I did very little editing on this on and there are gaps of silence (I think it adds to the mode of the recording so I kept it in). The movie touched me deeply because I kept thinking of it all weekend.

The Movie review of Freedom Writers is coming. I finished editing the clip. I just have to get the box office totals, put it up in a show, and post it. It will get posted sometime on Tuesday (That is when the CD comes out, which I'm getting) because I have to work my full time job. Leave your comments for this commentary. Have you seen the movie? Did you like the movie? Did it effect you as it effected me?


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