Wednesday, January 10, 2007

2007 Predictions: Writing assignment

2007 Predictions: Writing Assignment
by Robert G Parent

Hey everyone, I have a writing assignment for all of you who what to, or need to, get the creative juices flowing. I got this idea when I was reading one of JJ Dewey's post on the keysters yahoo group. You can read about JJ's stance on Predictions at his website.
In doing this exercise, remember, life happens in cycles. OK, here is the writing assignment.

Come up with 5 or 6 predictions for 2007. Next, write a poem, story, song or another piece of writing about your predictions. Third, at the end of the year come back to your writing piece about predictions. How did you did you do? Can you consider a new vocation for yourself?

Here are my predictions for 2007. I will be writing a poem about this in the next couple of weeks as I think more on this assignment.

1. John Edwards will make it beyond primaries. The one running against him will be an independent candidate ( meaning not Republican or Democrat ).

2. The third month of the 3 spiritual celebrations Ben Lauden will be captured.

3. New facts about global warming will be made in the spring of this year that will shock the people.

4. In September to October, Microsoft will release a firmware update on the Zune that will compete with the Apple iTV.

5. I will become organized by the end of the year.

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