Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Becoming Together March 22 2005

30 minute show

Becoming March 22 2005

News and Updates

Read my poem about the continuation of life.
We live in cycles upon cycles.
Talk about some stuff that was posted to the keys of knowledge yahoo group.

Latest Scientific Evidence of the Paranormal from his March 5, 2005 show.

Physicist Claude Swanson reports on the building scientific evidence of the paranormal. Listen as he tells the spellbinding and empowering story of new scientific findings that explain things like parallel universes, psychic forces, teleportation and much more. He explains the power of prayer, the meaing of near-death experiences, plant communication and even looking into the future in new scientific terms that show that these forces really do exist and can be tapped by anybody. Then Linda Howe interviews a scientist who is gearing up to find microbes on Mars!

from magnatune "something about eve" from the album "Touch" by Falling You.

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